Advantages of Using Simple WordPress Themes and Designs

Nowadays there are so many WordPress themes that are graphic heavy and consist of designs that are complex to say the least. While simple WordPress themes may appear ‘plain’ in comparison to some of these, the truth is that there are several advantages to using them.

In fact, at times it might be a better option to use minimalistic WordPress themes rather than their more complicated counterparts.

Clean WordPress Themes Allow Content to Stand Out

Essentially the main advantage of minimal WordPress themes is that they don’t allow other elements to get in the way of their main content.

Very often when a theme or design is too complex or complicated, with tons of elements ‘crammed’ into the screen space, the content may appear lost or crowded. This is not the case with simple WordPress themes that allow readers to peruse the content without being distracted by other elements.

This is why clean WordPress themes are in such high demand, particularly for websites that sink or swim on the strength of their content. In general, minimalistic WordPress themes have lots of ‘white space’ that is intentionally left unfilled so that it doesn’t crowd out the content or the other important elements.

These important elements can also be focused on easily using simple WordPress themes and it is a lot easier to ‘direct’ readers towards certain links or elements without having numerous other secondary elements crowding them out or distracting the reader.

Minimalistic WordPress Themes Load Faster

On top of that it is worth noting that the more complicated your theme or design is, in general the slower it will load. This is particularly the case for those themes that are heavy on graphics or other such elements with large file sizes.

With clean WordPress themes and designs containing a bare minimum of graphics (if any), the loading time of your website should be that much faster. Of course, there are other factors that play into loading time as well – such as the connection and speed of your server and how efficiently your WordPress is tuned.

Most minimalistic WordPress themes are almost entirely CSS-based and contain very little in terms of background graphics or even logo graphics. Instead, very often clean WordPress themes use simple background colors and fonts in place of these graphics.

As you can see, although minimalistic WordPress themes may appear slightly ‘bare’, the truth is that they are that way for a reason.

More and more webmasters are starting to see just how powerful clean WordPress themes can be, especially if t heir website has a particular focus that they wish to shine through – and now that you know the advantages of these types of design, you should too!